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Life with K Winter 2024

Dear K Alumni:

Homecoming and Reunion Weekend 2023 was another exciting time on campus with events for everyone to enjoy while reconnecting with one another and the College. Along with President Gonzalez and his wife, Suzie Martin Gonzalez ’83, we were thrilled to welcome so many alumni back to campus in early October!

I had the privilege of visiting all of the reunion classes with Jorge and Suzie. During these visits, Jorge reminded alumni that returning to campus is one of the many ways to help foster lifelong connections with each other and current students. He spoke about the five points of engagement and how these opportunities offer ways for K alums to stay connected with K and help move the College to even higher levels of excellence.

Jorge emphasized how volunteerism, engagement and philanthropy make such a difference in the lives of our students and prospective students. Here are a few highlights of alumni engagement during the past year:

Homecoming 2023, Crowd inside Hicks
  • Nearly 700 alumni participated in the Alumni Admission Volunteer program, doing everything from writing notes to prospective students to participating in admission events.
  • More than 50 alumni participated in career and professional development events in the previous academic year, and many more offered to network with students or posted jobs and internship opportunities through the Center for Career and Professional Development.
  • Along with volunteering for Admission and the CCPD, nearly 350 alumni volunteered in some capacity for alumni events, serving as class agents, hosting regional events or serving on reunion committees.
  • Over 3,000 alumni contributed $9.5 million dollars to the College last year, through gifts large, small, and everywhere in between. As it has always been, philanthropy from our alumni and friends is vital to the present and future of the College.

Whether you were on campus for homecoming or are waiting for an upcoming reunion year to “come home,” I hope you will continue to remember what K has meant to you and consider how you might participate in one of the five points of engagement in the year ahead. The College values you and thanks you for all the ways you connect with the College to keep K shining bright for future generations of students.


Kim Aldrich's signature

Kim Sullivan Aldrich ’80
Director of Alumni Engagement

Life With K
Engaged alumni help move Kalamazoo College to higher levels of excellence. You can advance K’s mission and help build its reputation as one of the country’s exceptional liberal arts colleges.
  1. Identify and recruit prospective students.
  2. Develop students through mentoring and career preparedness opportunities.
  3. Participate in alumni lifelong learning opportunities.
  4. Serve as a volunteer.
  5. Make a charitable contribution.

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