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LuxEsto is based on the College’s official motto, lux esto, "be light." © Spring 2022

Brewing a dream TOC

Brewing A Dream

Dongkeun Jeon ’16 is the youngest beer executive in South Korea with his brews literally reaching stratospheric levels, thanks to a unique marketing partnership with NARA Space Technology, Inc. Yet it was in his business classes at K that he learned to really reach for the stars.

Dive TOC

Diving Deep Into Friendship

Though more than a decade separated the K experiences of Lynn (Achterberg) Offerdahl ’85 and Jeff Gorton ’00, their remarkably similar paths intertwined through both providence and the helping hand of a beloved coach.

Vincent Liff

Lights, Camera, Access!

Inspired by a fellow theatre maven and friend, Vincent Liff ’73, alumni create a fund to help current and future generations of theatre students access internships, conferences and professional experiences.

presidents letter

President’s Letter

In January, I had the privilege of moderating a panel for The Council of Independent College’s Presidents Institute. The topic was a fascinating new book by Richard A. Detweiler, president emeritus of the Great Lakes Colleges Association, entitled The Evidence Liberal Arts Needs: Lives of Consequence, Inquiry, and Accomplishment (MIT Press 2021). The book offers […]

life with K

Life With K: A Safe Return to Gatherings

K alumni regional events have returned to in-person gatherings after more than a year of exclusively virtual events. Since March 2020, when attendees at the last pre-COVID-19 alumni event were exchanging light-hearted elbow bumps and wondering about the spreading coronavirus, the Office of Alumni Engagement has developed creative virtual events for alumni. While happy hours […]



Click a decade to jump to that decade’s class notes. A special first semester of my sophomore year in college by Karen Lake De Vos ’59 In May of 1956, an annual evening event took place in the lounge of Mary Trowbridge Hall at Kalamazoo College—room drawing for the following academic year. It was instituted […]

In Memory


Janet (Ensing) Skillman ’46 on January 14, 2022. Janet earned a bachelor’s in biology at Kalamazoo College and a master’s in zoology with a specialty in poisonous snakes. She was an avid horsewoman, hunter and fisherwoman and was selected by Outdoor Life to present the Conservation Pledge to President Harry Truman. She also met Presidents […]

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