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LUXESTO - Spring 2024

LuxEsto is based on the College’s official motto, lux esto, "be light." © Spring 2024

Quincy Isaiah on stage

Embracing the Magic

Actor Quincy Isaiah ’17 has his first major television role under his belt, and he’s only getting started. Reflecting on his time at K and his plans for the future, Isaiah’s journey illustrates that for those who dare to live boldly, the magic is not just in reaching the top, it’s in the journey itself.

Acropolis family

From K to CEO

If Sara Banks ’02 had taken the traditional route to business school, she may have never launched her luxury luggage company, SteamLine. Learn how the liberal arts shaped and supported her entrepreneurship as she steered the business to success, including SteamLine’s presence on the Barbie publicity tour and a recent expansion into totes and soft accessories.

Hey You Guy 1970

Theatre with a Consciousness

As the Kalamazoo College Festival Playhouse celebrates its 60th year, this season reminds us of theatre’s power to challenge, connect, educate and inspire—a core mission of the playhouse’s founding mothers.

presidents letter

President’s Letter Spring 2024

Last fall, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences published a report on employment outcomes for humanities majors across all 50 states, which offered an insightful view on the earnings prospects of graduates in those majors.  In Michigan, for example, the report found that the median earnings of humanities majors in the state’s full-time workforce […]

life with K

Life with K Spring 2024

Broader Perspective, Brighter Opportunities When Liz Fiator ’16 received an email in March 2023 about an opening on the Kalamazoo College Board of Trustees, she thought it might be a mistake. “I assumed that the board was made up of people who are much more experienced,” Fiator said. “I didn’t even realize that there was […]

Brighter Light Campaign BUTTON

The BrighterLight

Class of 1978 Foreign Study Endowment A dedicated group of volunteers from the Class of 1978 rallied together with their classmates to establish the Class of 1978 Foreign Study Endowment in honor of their 45th reunion. Clarke Austin ’25, an anthropology and sociology major from Los Angeles, was the inaugural beneficiary of this fund, which […]


ZooBits Spring 2024

Click a button to jump to that decade’s class notes. The Right Rev. Terry M. Brown ’66 was granted heraldic arms by the Canadian Heraldic Authority. Although the CHA has granted arms to many bishops and clergy of the Anglican Church of Canada, Bishop Brown may be the first to hold both American and Canadian […]

In Memory

InMemory Spring 2024

Constance (Newcomer) Griffith ’47 on Nov. 5, 2023. While at Kalamazoo College, she shared the Hodge Prize in Philosophy with Donald Griffith’47. After time, a romance ensued, and she and Don married in 1949. They were happily married for 72 years until Don died in 2022. After marriage, Connie supported Don by working as a telephone operator while […]

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