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FALL 2020

LuxEsto is based on the College’s official motto, lux esto, "be light." © Fall 2020

Walking A New Path

Walking A New Path

K’s new Food and Farming Justice Pathway transforms interconnected ideas into on-the-ground (and in-the-ground) work, empowering students to make change.

An Ace up his sleeve

An Ace up his sleeve

As the president of E.W. Grobbel Sons, Inc., Jason Grobbel ’84 has learned a few things about growing talent, and he says the secret of his success is too good to keep to himself.

Because of Fresh Peaches

Because of Fresh Peaches

From civil servant to theatre professor to director of FoodCorps Michigan, Addell Anderson ’78 has taken the passions she developed at K and turned them into a colorful tapestry of career experiences.

In Memory


Ellen Jane (Ossward) Maxfield ’43 of Chesterfield, Missouri, passed away on January 16, 2020. Ellen was the beloved wife of the late Dr. Sterling A. Maxfield. Ellen was a member of the Grace United Methodist Church in St. Louis and the Manchester United Methodist Church in Manchester for over 38 years, where she was an […]



1966 A collection of original essays by some of New York’s most well-known and emerging urban experts, Racial Inequality in New York City since 1965 (SUNY Press) explores what city government has done and failed to do to address racial inequality, providing a comprehensive overview of racial inequality in the city’s economy, housing and education […]